Cleaning Your Promethean ActivPanels

The following is a procedure to be used in those circumstances where a deep cleaning of the ActivPanel cover glass is required:

  • Switch off your ActivPanel and disconnect the power cable Lightly apply 90% ethanol to 100% cotton microfiber cloth
  • Lightly apply 90% ethanol to 100% cotton microfiber cloth (recommended to spray onto the microfiber cloth). Do not apply liquids directly to the panel.
  • In a single direction, wipe down the cover glass of panel making sure to avoid the narrow sides of the touch bezel. Do not apply excessive pressure to the glass.
  • After the application, dry the cover glass with a clean and dry micro fiber cloth.
  • Note: please follow all safety and handling instructions listed with the cleaning solution, and keep out of reach of children.

For schools conducting a deep clean of their facilities, please follow these steps to protect your panels in advance of chemicals being sprayed onto surfaces:

  • Disconnect the panel form the power source
  • Cover all inputs/outputs of the panel to prevent damage to internal electronic components
  • Cover all ventilation holes (REMEMBER TO REMOVE ANY COVERING BEFORE USE!)
  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaners directly on the panel
  • Do not apply liquids directly to the panel
  • Do not let any liquid remain on the panel
  • When wiping the panel, use a 100% cotton microfiber cloth
  • As always, good personal hygiene practices of washing hands should be employed before and after use of the panel
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