Trafera EcoRepair.
Extend the Life of Students Devices and Reduce E-Waste. 

Prepaid, Earth-Friendly Repair Coverage for an Additional Year.

Get More Flexibility
with when and how you refresh your device fleet.

Reduce E-Waste by extending the life of student devices.

Know Your Upfront Cost with prepaid credits for repairs or future purchases.

More Time. Less Cost.
More Use. Less Waste.

Stretch the life of student devices just a little further with repair coverage for up to an additional 18 months after warranty expiration. The Trafera EcoRepair program is a prepaid option that grants you repair coverage on student devices for as little as $39/device

The best part? Any credits you don't use go back into your pocket at 110% of their value for use on future purchases! 

a group of school kids working on their laptops in a classroom

Terms & Conditions:

  • Trafera's EcoRepair program is a monthly program wherein schools can determine how many months they require additional repair coverage for (up to 18 months). 
  • Available for all device models supported by Trafera Warranty (confirmed by request). 
  • Schools must provide the serial numbers for all devices covered. 
  • Scholls with this coverage will receive a discount off the standard repair charge. 
  • If a device cannot be repaired within cost limits, it will automatically be replaced with a similar swap device. The value of the swap device will be charged to the customer's repair account.
  • Schools will be required to replenish their repair balance at a rate of $20/unit when they hit 10% remaining in their prepaid account. Schools will be alerted of this by their account manager. 
  • Parts closets requests will be charges against the prepaid balance.
  • Any remaining EcoRepair balance can be applied to a future device purchase from Trafera at 110% of remaining value. 

See program language for additional details (available upon request). 

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