Filter, Monitor, Manage, and More.

Improve efficacy and efficiency managing your device fleet with software that simplifies student safeguarding, device management, and data security. 


Productivity Suites

Elevate learning, collaboration, and productivity with Google Workspace for Education. 
Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals
Google Workspace for Education Standard
Google Workspace for Education Teaching and Learning Upgrade
Google Workspace for Education Plus

Microsoft 365 Education provides a range of student-centric solutions designed to foster an inclusive learning environment, ensuring equal opportunities for all students and supporting their success both in the classroom and beyond.

Filtering, Monitoring, and Management

Chrome Education Upgrade
"Chrome Education Upgrade empowers IT to create educational environments for teachers and learners to thrive in, with enhanced management, security, and support capabilities."
ChromeOS Upgrades
Device Management
24/7 IT Admin Support

GoGuardian is an award-winning system of learning tools for K-12:
GoGuardian Admin Filtering & Management
GoGuardian Beacon Student Safety Monitoring
GoGuardian Teacher Classroom Management
Pear Deck Presentation Engagement Tools
Edulastic All-In-One Assessment Tool

Student safety platform combining world-leading technology with leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching and student safeguarding.
School Manager Hybrid Cloud Filter
Classwize Classroom Management
Monitor Student Safety Monitoring
Family Zone Community Digital Safety Education

  • Resilient and reliable endpoints and access for 1:1 devices in K-12. 
  • Monitor online learning and application usage
  • Manage 1:1 devices on and off campus
  • Limit access to high-risk content
  • Reduce cyber threats and ransomware attacks
  • Reduce device loss
  • Streamline annual reclamation process 

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