Dead-on-Arrival & Damaged Products

What to do with dead-on-arrival and damaged products

At Trafera, our goal is always to help you, our customer. We are happy to assist you with claims for dead-on-arrival, defective-on-arrival, and/or damaged-on-arrival (DOA) products. Often, this includes providing advanced replacement and free FOB shipping, however, there are limits set by the manufacturers and shippers we work with that we must adhere to. The DOA policies below are designed to maximize our ability to assist you in the event of a DOA claim.


Inspect shipments before signing the bill of lading (BOL)

Before signing to receive a shipment, visually inspect all freight and packages. If there is any exterior damage, please describe it on the BOL paperwork and then sign for the shipment as damaged. Save a copy of the paperwork for your records. If the products in the shipment turn out to be damaged, we may request that you scan and email us a copy of the BOL paperwork to assist with the claims process. Photographs of the damaged shipment will also be requested.

Test products within 15 days of delivery

A limited amount of time is available for submitting DOA claims to the manufacturer. Because of this, please test your shipments for DOA products as soon as possible and NO LATER THAN 15 DAYS after delivery. Depending on the manufacturer, products not reported as DOA within 15 calendar days may not be able to be processed as DOA returns. Most often, they will instead be covered under the terms of the manufacturer’s hardware warranty which may carry different terms for shipping and repair. We will always help process returns as DOA claims for as long as the manufacturer allows. Products with permanent custom modifications such as etching are also ineligible for processing as DOA returns and will be handled under the terms of the manufacturer’s hardware warranty.

Inform us immediately

The sooner you contact us to report damaged and/or DOA products, the better. Please submit your information online through our support form or contact your dedicated Trafera Account Manager. We will assess the situation and work with you to achieve the best result possible.

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