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At Trafera, we believe technology can only improve learning experiences when we make people our number one investment. Providing a future-ready education requires more than just access to powerful technology tools. Educators need to be equally empowered with the skills they need to create an instructional shift using these tools. We measure our success not based on how many devices we sell to schools, but by how those devices are being used to enrich and transform student learning.

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Thousands of tech professionals love working with Trafera.
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The path to future ready education can be a challenge, but you don’t have to go alone. With Trafera you not only get amazing products and services, you’re also connected with a supportive community of educators, contributors, and experts who are all working together to develop a complete ecosystem of edtech guides, info, news, tips, insights, resources and more. Our goal at Trafera goes beyond selling technology. We want to see schools nationwide achieve greater educational outcomes through fully-supported and embraced technology solutions.

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Thousands of tech professionals love working with Trafera.
  • Trafera offered our school district the best pricing and shipped the order quickly.

    Derick Sibley
    27 May 2021

    I work in a cabinet level position in a Michigan K-12 public school district and I have watched for several years the service given to the computers we have purchased through Trafera, even before the came under Trafera and I was impressed. We are very diligent with the spending of tax payer monies and I figured I would spend my own money for one for my home.

    Howard Schwager
    21 May 2021

    Trafera is an awesome resource for my school. Their sales team is helpful with finding the right solution to fit our needs and their service department is top notch.

    Brian Fought
    14 May 2021
  • Ben and the team at Trafera are AMAZING! Super fast response to my emails, always willing to work with us, and the BEST customer service!Love Trafera, glad we chose to do business with them! Give them a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!

    Joshua Mailhot
    28 Apr 2021

    What is not to like about this company. As a tech director for a school district we are constantly looking for vendors that offer quality products at an affordable price, especially being a small rural district. This company not only does that but also is both professional (with a personal touch) and quick to respond to any questions or issues. It is always a pleasure to work with Trafera staff!

    Susan Moore
    28 Mar 2021

    Trafera has been so helpful with all of our technology needs. They were able to help us find cases for our Chromebooks, they fix our broken ones quickly, and are quick to answer any questions that we have.

    Tami Call
    28 Mar 2021
  • One of the best vendors our District works with. The warranty, support, and sales are top notch. This is one of those rare vendors that we feel like there is a partnership not just a sales/support transaction. Well done Trafera!

    Ben Bayle
    28 Feb 2021

    We needed to get 60 chromebook computers for our students and Trafera helped us get these chromebooks at a great price as soon as they could.

    Valerie Hill
    28 Feb 2021

    As a middle school administrator, Trafera has been the provider for all of our student and teacher technology. Needless to say, I am returning Chromebooks constantly because of unintentional damage by students. Trefera has provided exceptional and timely service, keeping our students who must work remotely actively in school. They make the process easy and take care of everything!

    Paula Dolan
    28 Feb 2021
  • Great Products, and the best Support for Pre and Post Sales. Our goto vendor for all our IT Needs.

    Jonathan Butler
    28 Feb 2021

    Outstanding customer service. Trafera works hard to get product in the hands of their customers in a timely manner.

    Heath Roddy
    28 Feb 2021

    This vendor does a great job finding the services and equipment we need. They give us the best price possible. Their representatives are knowledgeable, professional, nice, and helpful.

    Suzette McIntyre
    28 Jan 2021

better together

With Trafera on your team, we’ll work together to navigate the complexities of educational computing in a supportive and empowering way. We’re here to help you tackle tough challenges and find solutions to every difficult question. Our personalized assistance is always easily accessible, and with Trafera you’re also connected with a greater community of resources, insights, and guides.

  • Expanding lineup of products and services
  • Increased Contract Coverage
  • Convenient online shopping (coming in 2021)
  • Digital curriculum (TRAILS)
  • More news, guides, and resources
committed to Integrity

Trafera will do right by our customers. Always. It’s a promise we’ve maintained since the very beginning of our predecessors Trinity3 and FireFly, and it’s a promise we will keep. At Trafera, we will communicate with you honestly and plainly. There’s nothing more important to us than honoring your trust.