Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Voice-Controlled Interactivity with Merlyn Mind & Newline

Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Voice-Controlled Interactivity with Merlyn Mind & Newline
April 8, 2024 5 min read

Merlyn Mind and Newline have decided to join forces, bringing something new to the table for educational technology. Sure, we’ve seen the use of AI with interactive flat panels before, but it's never been quite like this. By integrating Merlyn AI's intelligence with Newline's state-of-the-art interactive panels, this collaboration aims to elevate classroom experiences across the board and promises:

What Merlyn Mind is Bringing to Newline:

What’s the fuss around Merlyn? Just ask Teaching and Learning Consultant (TLC) Kristin Dupuy: “The excitement and hype around the Merlyn Mind is real and for good reason.” 

Imagine diving into a lesson on the rainforest and bringing up vivid images and accurate facts with just a simple voice command, or navigating through a complex math problem on the interactive panel without pausing to find the right tool or application. This is the kind of simplicity and support the Merlyn Mind and Newline partnership brings to your classroom. 

Generative and Adaptable AI Assistance

The partnership introduces Merlyn's generative AI, a tool crafted specifically for the educational setting, which supports active instruction with:

  • Real-time delivery of text and images to spark student curiosity and enhance learning.
  • Content sourced from vetted educational materials, ensuring reliability and relevance.
  • Attribution to source materials and a commitment to accuracy, minimizing the chance of misinformation.
  • Suggestions for follow-up questions to help teachers explore topics more deeply with students.

Enhanced Interactivity with Panels

Integrating Merlyn AI with Newline's Q Pro and Q Series panels elevates the functionality of the interactive displays and equips educators with a streamlined, intuitive interface for their teaching tools.

Voice Control in the Classroom

We've all been there: we’re deep in a lesson, the class is engaged, and we need to switch up what's on the display. Instantly, the dynamic lesson comes to a standstill.

With Merlyn Mind, there's no pausing or fumbling with remotes or touch panels. You simply speak your command and POOF! Your AI assistant makes it happen.

“The amount of times I have done an impromptu search of a topic with students in class and gotten derailed is insane, yet I still did it to nurture the learning atmosphere... Now, with Merlyn, I can do a quick search by speaking into the remote, and if time doesn't allow me to dive into our little sidebar search deeply, I can send what Merlyn located to Google Classroom for students to access later.” 

Kristin Dupuy, Teaching and Learning Consultant


“Merlyn helps teachers take back the most precious commodity in a classroom- instructional time. It will also increase engagement and encourage student curiosity by giving them the power to ask their questions and get immediate answers during the lesson.”

Lindsey Keely, Teaching and Learning Consultant


Here’s some examples of what you could ask Merlyn Mind to assist you with on a Newline panel:

  • How far away is the sun?
  • Open up the calculator app.
  • Open the whiteboard app.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Switch to display two.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes.
  • Freeze the whiteboard.
  • Turn the brightness down 50%.
  • Turn the volume of the video up to 30.
  • Search for animals that live in the rainforest.
  • Search on YouTube for videos on the solar system. Then, Send to Google Classroom.
  • What is the weather outside? Should we wear a jacket tomorrow?

A Commitment to Privacy and Security

When it comes to bringing AI into the classroom, Merlyn AI and Newline take privacy and security seriously. Personal information? Guarded. Voice recordings? Discarded. Identifying someone from their voice? Not happening.

This setup ensures that your classroom remains a place of trust, where technology enhances learning without compromising privacy. Plus, with FERPA and COPPA compliance, operations adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection in education.

Quick Guide: Understanding FERPA & COPPA

About Merlyn Mind

Merlyn Mind stands at the intersection of AI innovation and educational enhancement. With a vision firmly rooted in creating AI solutions specifically for education, the company leverages its team's expertise to develop platforms that fundamentally change how technology supports teaching and learning. 

The drive to craft purpose-built AI solutions has positioned Merlyn Mind as a leader in the education technology space, ready to usher in new levels of productivity and human potential. Currently, Merlyn Mind has two AI digital assistants:

Interactive flat display with colorful image on the screenInteractive flat display with colorful image on the screen
The Newline Q Series panel and Merlyn Mind AI assistant

About Newline

Newline has established itself as a leader in developing interactive panels that are not only technologically advanced but also incredibly user-friendly. With a commitment to enhancing collaborative learning they make technology accessible to all users.

Together, Merlyn Mind and Newline are setting a new standard for educational technology, aiming to create classrooms that are more interactive, efficient, and aligned with the needs of modern education.

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