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Invest in a bright future for students, teachers, and your education community with creative and custom financing solutions for K-12 technology purchasing.

Why Trafera Financial Services

K-12 Technology DaaS Experts
We have extensive experience in being a strategic resource and delivering customized, flexible DaaS solutions to schools across the country.

World-Class Customer Service
Trafera puts our customers and partners first. With one primary contact, supported by a team of financing professionals, we ensure you are taken care of.

Relationship Orientation
We embrace a true consultative approach, focusing on long-term partnerships rather than a one-time transaction.

Trafera Financial Services provides a dynamic financial tool that changes as your technology needs change.

Proudly Providing Financing on

Financing Options

Trafera provides schools with cost-effective, customized device-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions for technology equipment, software, and services.


At the end of term, you can choose to purchase the equipment at fair market value, renew the service for a period of time, or simply return the equipment and upgrade to new.

$1 Buyout Lease

This allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for the nominal price of $1. Monthly payments are significantly higher for $1 buyout leases because of this.

Other Creative Offerings

White Glove Services

Trafera offers a variety of white glove return services to fit your needs.

Portfolio Management

Dedicated contact to handle all service transactions, changes, and returns.

Access to Equipment

We have increased access to equipment coming off our contracts if last minute needs arise or there are shortages.

Deferred Payment Plans

Allowing you to receive equipment now and not start paying until your next budget year.

trade IT®

If you have old equipment, we will handle the disposition through our network of re-marketing partners and provide credit towards a new contract.

flex IT

If you have already taken advantage of a Device-as-a-Service, we can rework and restructure it to help offset annual expenses.

7 Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

What is Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)?
Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a hassle-free approach to technology management. It offers schools hardware devices and services in a single package to be paid out throughout a period of time. This means up-to-date tech without the upfront costs and loads of additional benefits:

Cost Effectiveness

DaaS allows schools to acquire the latest and most advanced technology without incurring the upfront costs associated with purchasing.

Budget Flexibility

DaaS spreads the cost of technology equipment over the term, freeing up capital for other important initiatives or investments in the educational process.

Maintenance & Support 

Many DaaS agreements come with maintenance and support services included.

Access to Up-To-Date Technology

Technology is constantly evolving; DaaS ensures that schools have access to the best equipment and software to enhance the learning experience of students.

Easier Equipment Disposal

At the end of the term, schools can return the equipment, avoiding the hassle of disposition.


DaaS allows schools to scale their technology needs up or down as necessary.

Risk Management

DaaS mitigates some of the risks associated with technology ownership, such as equipment failure. This can provide peace of mind to the school district and minimize unexpected costs.

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