Photon Coding Robot

child learning about coding with photon robotchild learning about coding with photon robot

Teach coding with the only robot that grows with students.

You have a friend in teaching coding to your students. Integrate coding and robotics into any grade and any subject with Photon coding robot. Teachers can learn to teach coding while students practice problem-solving, critical thinking, and computational thinking. What’s more, Photon can do it all while promoting SEL (social-emotional learning) at your school.

Video: heyworth elementary school case study

We recently got together with students from Mrs. Hotchkiss’s and Mrs. Morse’s second grade and sixth grade classes as they explored Photon coding robots. With lessons from the SEL (social-emotional learning) Kit, students used coding and creativity to learn about social identities and storytelling. Read more about it on our blog or download the Photon case study PDF.