Domain Audit

Take a Deep Dive Into Your School's Google Environment

Improve security, maximize efficiency, and apply best practices across
your Google Admin and Workspace domain. 

Clean Up and Strengthen Your School's Domain

Gain expert insights and actionable best practices for your domain structure, security, and overall health

Take control of your Google for Education domain with a report of personalized insights and recommendations, prepared and reviewed by experienced engineers and educators.

Take a Domain Deep Dive 

Each Domain Audit includes a closer look at four key elements of your school's Google Workspace and Admin Console: 


Domain health and settings


Organizational structure: users, groups, and devices. 


Google Workspace’s core services and third-party applications


Security posture and  application specific security settings

Bring Google Workspace Best Practices To Your School

Give technical and instructional teams actionable steps towards optimizing, amplifying, and safeguarding your school’s Google Workspace for Education environment. With a Domain Audit, we’ll take a deep dive with you into your Google Workspace domain to ensure that everything is aligned with best practices in education.

Small School Audit

Enrollment of less than 5K

Medium School Audit

Enrollment of 5K-10K

Large School Audit

Enrollment above 10K

Talk with a Trafera expert to see how Domain Audit can benefit your school's Google Environment.