100+ things to do with Lü Interactive Playground

100+ things to do with Lü Interactive Playground
November 1, 2023 5 min read

Physical fitness isn’t just for PE anymore. With Lü, teachers of all subjects can get their students up and active while absorbing new concepts and reinforcing learning!

From playing energetic math games to spicing up school plays, Lü systems allow you to reinvent a space in your school to a multifunctional, engaging, and dynamic hub of activity. 

100+ things to do with Lü Interactive

  1. Create immersive storytime with custom backgrounds 
  2. Center and ground a rowdy class with meditation practiced with Gaïa.
  3. Play History Jeopardy
  4. Emotional “temperature” checks with Mööd.
  5. Add razzle dazzle to student talent shows with lights and custom backgrounds
  6. Develop coordination and matching skills, and maybe even pick up a language, with Twins
  7. Practice soccer against a robot goalkeeper
  8. Cardio, coordination, and strength practice
  9. Host family movie night for students and parents
  10. Turn the gym into the perfect theater for school plays.
  11. Host dynamic assemblies for students and staff
  12. Set up and display a tournament with Bräcket
  13. Reinforce foreign language learning with custom vocabulary games
  14. Test vocabulary with Minewörd
  15. Put students in the center of historical events with custom backgrounds, lights, and sounds
  16. Survey the class on favorite classroom activities with Vöte
  17. Learn physics concepts and promote teamwork, planning, and goal setting with Phys
  18. Color-by-number in teams using Pixël
  19. Make the mile run fun with colorful timers, music, and lights
  20. Practice quick math and agility with Wäk
  21. Holiday and seasonal games
  22. Get the wiggles out through dance. 
  23. Quiz students on geography skills
  24. Develop devastating plays to use against your opposing team in football, soccer, basketball and more within Tactïk
  25. Host history trivia on the Revolutionary War
  26. Take a pulse of the class with Vöte
  27. Art and drawing lessons
  28. Keep score of competitions with Scöreboard
  29. Faculty presentation
  30. Team building activities
  31. Creative tactical boards to perfect your team’s sports strategy
  32. Video conferencing another class
  33. Pre-bell playtime with Mïni
  34. See dinosaurs up close and personal
  35. Build out historical reenactments
  36. Get to know geometrical shapes
  37. Geography based treasure hunts
  38. Teach good oral hygiene
  39. Create highly customizable math exercises with Newton
  40. Decision-making scenarios
  41. Practice shooting, passing, and sports strategies with Spörts
  42. Public speaking practice
  43. Create and 8-bit art masterpieces using Pïxel
  44. Build dynamic esports competitions with games projected on the big screen. Don’t forget to use some cool lights!
  45. Practice precision goal kicking
  46. Analyzing historical speeches
  47. Teacher training and professional development days
  48. Quick math competitions with Newton
  49. Adding lights and backgrounds to band, orchestra, or choir recitals
  50. Mock elections and government simulations
  51. Randomly generate teams for various activities
  52. Ecology and conservation initiatives
  53. Run a simple slide deck
  54. Find buried treasure while getting familiar with XY graphs
  55. Family trivia night with Vika
  56. Model UN simulations
  57. Practice coding skills by helping a robot sequence events in order
  58. Conduct mock trials with a courtroom backdrop and interactive evidence
  59. Work on sustained attention and focus
  60. Backgrounds for student video projects
  61. Create a haunted house in your gym with lights, video backgrounds, and spooky sound effects
  62. Work students’ arms and their math skills with Swët
  63. Playing student video project
  64. Review for the big test  the class either solo or in teams with Lüvia
  65. Immerse students in different time period using custom backgrounds, lights, and sounds
  66. Build speed and agility skills with Target
  67. Easily manage time with countdown timers, stopwatches, and interval timers with the Chrono app
  68. Satisfy the gamer in your classroom with Galactic
  69. Host your community’s “Pictures with Santa” with a North Pole background, holiday music, and ambient lighting. 
  70. Play Wheel of Fortune to practice spelling skills
  71. Explore proper sentence structure with Minewörd
  72. Create a customized hot air balloon journey that travels to a magical land
  73. Learn about avoiding illness and viruses with Germ
  74. Host student debates on everything from “most influential president” to “best book about growing up” using fun backgrounds, pictures, and sound effects
  75. Perfect technique with mirror imaging app, Repläy
  76. Strategize and collaborate an interactive Rube-Goldberg puzzle with Phys
  77. Literature circles and book clubs
  78. Navigate a world map while avoiding the Kraken 
  79. Dance and movement classes
  80. Travel to the deep sea to explore different animal habitats
  81. Create a Magic School Bus moment by exploring inside the body on the big screen
  82. Teach life science by growing a tree in Lëaf
  83. Throw Mathlete competitions
  84. Build students’ cardiovascular endurance with Beep 
  85. Create a student art exhibition and gallery wall
  86. Take a journey to the North to learn about polar bears
  87. Supercharge indoor recess with games like Relé (relay racing)
  88. Encourage the next generation of musicians with Jam Arcade
  89. Go cloud-watching and learn about different types of cloud formations
  90. After school/latchkey playtime with games like Wäll
  91. Teach precision volleying with volleyball on the Spörts app
  92. Host geography bowl competitions
  93. Teach good nutrition with Grüb
  94. Flex puzzle-solving muscles with Puzz
  95. Immerse students in different cultures by taking trips around the world using custom backgrounds, lights, and sounds
  96. Fine-tuning musical instrument technique with mirror imaging app, Repläy
  97. Have indoor sports practice on a rainy day with target practice and drills
  98. Reach the stars while practicing navigation a Cartesian Plane
  99. Grow an indoor zoo
  100. Create a dazzling ambiance for your school dance with Lümi
  101. Take an expedition to space to learn about planets

Students learn quick math skills on Lu Interactive's Newton App.

Bring Lu to Your School

Take the first steps toward active and engaging learning with Lü by partnering Trafera. Our implementation experts will walk you through key considerations (such as space and power requirements, funding sources, and configuration options) to help you get your project started. 

After determining the right system for your school together, we’ll stay by your side from purchase, through installation and beyond. 

We provide ongoing support including onsite and virtual professional development to build teacher confidence using the new Lü!

Learn more about Lü Interactive at trafera.com/lu. 

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