Bringing Cutting Edge Tech to Boley Elementary with Lü Interactive and Trafera

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November 6, 2023 5 min read

Boley Elementary and Ouachita Parish School District partnered with Trafera to bring Lü Interactive to students and teachers in their Title I schools. Discover how–through planning, partnership, and professional development–Principal, Sandy Bates, and Federal Programs Director, Anthony Killian, were able to deliver transformative technology to teachers and students.

When lightning struck Boley Elementary in 2019, burning the building to the ground, school leaders took the opportunity to do something extraordinary. They didn’t just want to rebuild; They wanted to redefine the learning experience for teachers and students. 

Today, the new West Monroe, LA school–complete with a rainbow cafeteria, dazzling media center, and tech-infused classrooms–provides a fresh canvas for educators to explore new ways to deliver instruction.

One of the tools playing a role in that transformation is Lü.

Mounted proudly in Boley’s multipurpose room, a Lü Uno creates an interactive playground for students to learn as they engage in active play.

“Students learn academics through the process of being physically fit with the Lü and don’t even know it!”
said Anthony Killian, Federal Programs Director at Ouachita Parish School District.

Killian played a critical role in bringing Lü to Boley Elementary and other Title I schools in the district after hearing about the technology from another local principal.

But just like rebuilding the school from the foundation up, implementing Lü didn’t happen overnight. From initial awareness to effectively implementing the Lü system, it took a collaboration with an experienced partner to make it happen. 

Two teachers standing in a school gym and smiling.Two teachers standing in a school gym and smiling.
Anthony Killian (Ouachita Parish School District) and Sandy Bates ( Boley Elementary) aren’t hiding their excitement over their Lu interactive gym at their school.

Taking Boley to the Cutting Edge with Lü

“One of our goals is to be on the cutting edge of technology,” commented Killian. “When we saw Lü, that’s what sprang into our minds: cutting-edge technology for our schools that are considered Title I.” 

Sandy Bates, principal at Boley Elementary since 2017, was onboard from the beginning, stating,

“When [district leadership] explained it to me, I was ready. I had to have it!”

So, what is Lü? 

The Lü system is centered around a simple concept: “Smarter and healthier kids, happier teachers.”

At their core, each system is made up of audio/visual hardware (projector, sensor, lights, and speakers) and education-focused software. The projector and sensors make up a massive, interactive wall, while lights and speakers bring it to life.  Lü’s numerous apps connect interactivity with teaching, delivering a dynamic learning environment, perfect for K-8 schools. 

With customizable games, over 35 different apps, and a robust online community, teachers can enjoy premade or custom content to teach curriculum in a new and active way. Lü also includes apps–like Gaïa (their meditation app) and Mööd (an app that helps teachers conduct and emotional temperature check)- to help promote social-emotional learning among students. 

Outside of classroom time, Lü can continue to delight and unify the school community.

“We use the Lü for movie nights with parents and students,” Bates explained excitedly, “It’s a fun way to pull the community together.”

Get 100+ ideas on how to use Lü at your school!

Partnering for Success with Trafera

Once the initial decision to invest in a Lü system for Boley was made, principal Sandy Bates and Trafera worked together to get Lü system installed, and train the teachers on how to use this new teaching tool. 

“It’s one thing to teach these educators how to push a button–how to turn the Lü on– but it’s another thing to show them how to implement it. How to embed it into the curriculum that they already have,” stated Trafera Teaching and Learning Consultant, Angela Kiser. 
Two teachers talking to each other and walking outside the gymTwo teachers talking to each other and walking outside the gym
Sandy Bates (Boley Elementary) and Angela Kiser (Trafera) discuss future plans for Boley’s Lu Interactive Playground.

Kiser and Bates worked side by side from purchase to installation to training to ensure that the new Lü would make the biggest impact possible among students and teachers.

“Whether it's an email or a phone call, Trafera always answers. They’re always right there at your fingertips when you need them. The installation was so easy. They were here for like half a day… and all of a sudden it was there,” Bates said about the deployment process. “It was a very easy transition.” 

Learning Transformed 

Ouachita School District and Trafera have made Lü Systems available so far in 12 schools across the district, and over 4,000 students are now able to enjoy interactive learning through play. Additionally, more than 240 teachers have been trained on the Lü, and are ready to deliver engaging, active, and delightful instruction to students.

“It’s so amazing to see kids happy and moving and jumping around and having a great time while learning. I recommend [Lü] to anyone who wants to see that happen with their kids. It’s a lot of fun,” commented principal, Sandy Bates. 


Boley Lu implementation in numbers: 12 schools, 4000 students 240 teachers

Bring Lu to Your School

Take the first steps toward active and engaging learning with Lü by partnering with Trafera. Trafera's own Lü experts will walk you through all the key considerations such as:

  • Space and Power Requirements
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Funding Sources you may be able to leverage.

Federal Programs Director, Anthony Killian concluded:

“I implore anyone to use whatever funds they can in order to purchase a Lü for their school.”

Get started today by contacting Trafera.


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