100+ Google Tips for Teachers

100+ Google Tips for Teachers
June 8, 2023 2 min read

If you use Google Workspace apps like Docs, Slides, and Drive in your classroom, then you have got to see this! Trafera was lucky enough to sit down with Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning to get all her best Google tips for teachers, and the 45-minute presentation is now available to view. That means you have a wealth of Google tips at your fingertips whenever you need inspiration!

Watch Kasey delve into her top Google tips for teachers, and get empowered with instantly applicable knowledge.

Quick Google Tips for Teachers

Missed the session? We’ve got you covered. Watch the whole webinar with Kasey Bell and Trafera here, and see how Google’s classroom tools can redefine your approach to teaching.

Google Workspace for Education Editions

Want to know more about turbo charging your classroom with Google Workspace for Education? Read about the features and benefits of all Workspace tiers. Facilitating collaborative learning with free Fundamentals! Audit and analyze your Google environment with Plus! Whatever your need, explore how these tools can enrich teaching, enhance security, extend your team’s capabilities, and more, all designed to cater to your institution’s unique needs.

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