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Meet Trafera

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a new era in technology

It’s no secret that technology has changed, especially for schools. Competing and staying successful in an ever-evolving world of digital transformation takes more than just a technology friend, it takes a true technology powerhouse who can advise and support you along every step of your journey. 

Outcome Focused

At Trafera we don’t just bring you better technology, we use technology to drive student achievement. That’s why we go beyond the hardware to provide an entire edtech ecosystem. From virtual teacher training to ready-made digital lesson plans to classroom presentation and engagement tools, we deliver full-picture solutions that foster future-ready teaching and learning.

more advantages for you

Bringing everything that was great about Trinity3 and FireFly together as Trafera means you’ll have the undisputed industry leader in school and government technology as an advocate in your corner. As the new #1 provider of Chromebooks and classroom technology in North America, we’ll be able to bring you even better prices, greater product availability, and a wider range of products and services, all without sacrificing the fast, personalized service you deserve.

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The Path to Your Goals

Trafera brings you more than just products and services. When you become part of our Trafera community, you’re adopted into a full ecosystem of resources, guides, expert advice, insider information, social interactions, webinars, and more. It’s something that sets us apart from any other technology vendor and is an indispensable tool on your path to achieving a technology environment where all students are connected, all staff and teachers are equipped, and every need is supported.

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