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windows® laptops, desktops and workstations

Versatile Computing for Teaching & Learning

Supported By Trafera, Your Top Partner In Education

With a strong ability to handle complex tasks and programs, Windows® PCs in education are a great choice for school administrators, teachers, and advanced students alike. Amp up your school’s capabilities with desktop and laptop Windows® PCs.

  • Powerful processing
  • Endless software options
  • Available enhanced 3D graphics and video
  • Easily managed with Microsoft® Intune and Azure
  • Integrates with Google Workspace

Shopping for Windows® PCs?

Browse featured devices on our online store. For best pricing, contact a no-pressure Trafera sales consultant.

Trafera is a proud partner vendor of

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Windows® PCs for Teachers

Trafera offers a selection of Windows PCs well-suited for the rigors of teaching in the modern classroom. Build robust workstations with desktop PCs and monitors or create flexible, teach-anywhere solutions with Windows laptops. Whatever your vision, we want to partner with you to create the perfect staff and instructor setup for your school.

Windows® PCs for Students

Advanced learning opportunities require a little extra juice! Expand the possibilities of student instruction with Windows PCs, perfect for:

  • STEAM & Esports
  • Engineering
  • Graphic Design & Video Production
  • Career & Technical Training

Windows® PCs for Executives & Staff

When security, sleek design, and portability are a must, our ultrathin and ultralight notebooks are ready to power through the toughest of demands. We have options available for every level of budget and prestige, and we can even help custom configure a PC that’s right for you.

free custom system imaging

Receive your whole fleet of new Windows® PCs set up and ready straight out of the box. Simply configure one device exactly the way you want it, send us the hard drive, and we’ll clone that system across your entire purchase.

authorized services provider

Trafera is an Authorized Services Provider (ASP) for Lenovo, HP, and more. If your devices ever need repair, just contact us. We’ll deal with the manufacturer for you and be your one-stop for every technology need.

Some devices may qualify for even better support with a Trafera Warranty.

personalized service & support

When you choose Trafera, you get a dedicated Account Manager who works alongside you to help accomplish your goals. We respond quickly and take the time to truly understand your unique vision and plans. We want to be your partner in educational technology.

Multipurposed and Mega Powerful

One flexible and robust computer can provide a world of bold new learning opportunities. A single Windows® PC can be used for AutoCAD, Adobe CC, production, design, coding programs, esports, and much, much more.

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Did You Know?

You can boost productivity, reduce burnout, and improve ergonomics by pairing Windows® PCs with monitors, mice, and keyboards?

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