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Trafera Warranties

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Why a Trafera Warranty?

Warranty Coverage Designed For K-12

Everything we do is with K-12 in mind, and our warranty is no exception. We’ve built our warranty coverage around the unique needs of education, structuring it to promote instructional uptime and conserve your precious time.

Claims are easy through our online customer portal, where up to 25 devices can be added in under five minutes. We’ll take care of all the mailing labels and even provide boxes. Maintaining your devices couldn’t be simpler.

  • Warranty coverage built for K-12
  • Single point of contact
  • Easy online submission form

Trafera Warranty Options

Silver Warranty
Trafera Silver Warranty
  • $0.00 deductible
  • Hardware fail coverage
  • We pay return shipping
Gold Warranty
Trafera Gold Warranty
  • With Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
  • Everything from the Silver Warranty +
  • We pay shipping both ways
  • Covers stylus/EMR Pen/Apple Pencil
Platinum Accidental Damage Protection Warranty
Trafera Platinum Warranty
  • With Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
  • Everything from the Gold Warranty +
  • Theft/loss
  • Spare parts on site
  • Extended battery coverage

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* Coverage for theft/loss is limited to up to two percent (2%) of the total units purchased at one time or under the warranty agreement. Does not cover replacement of stylus/EMR pen/Apple pencil or AC Adapters. Units reported as stolen must include a copy of a police report submitted with the claim. In instances of theft/loss, administrators are required to “disable” (lock the device) in the Google Admin Console.
** Excludes theft/loss. Replacement for manufacturer defect or one accidental damage incident over the lifetime of the warranty period after pre-exchange of the damaged unit.
Trafera Silver
(Similar to OEM warranty)
Trafera Gold
(Premium coverage)
Trafera Platinum
(Ultra-premium coverage)
THEFT/LOSS*     ✔*
SHIPPING We pay return shipping We pay shipping both ways We pay shipping both ways
BATTERY 1 year OEM 1 year OEM 1 year laptop
3 year Chromebook
(1 replacement each)
AC ADAPTER   Mfg defect + 1 ADP incident** Mfg defect + 1 ADP incident**
STYLUS/EMR PEN/APPLE PENCIL Mfg defect Mfg defect + 1 ADP incident** Mfg defect + 1 ADP incident**

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“One of the Best...”

“[Trafera is] one of the best vendors our district works with. The warranty, support, and sales are top-notch. This is one of those rare vendors that we feel like there is a partnership, not just a support transaction. Well done Trafera!”
– School District CTO | Dekalb, IL

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Add A Trafera Warranty To All Your Devices

You can have peace of mind for all your devices by adding Trafera warranties even after the sale, anytime before the original manufacturer warranty expires. This includes devices that weren’t purchased from us. Get in touch with a friendly Trafera sales rep to discuss coverage options for your Chromebooks and Windows laptops.

All statements and information above are subject to the Trafera Warranty Statement located at