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Introducing Trails

Trafera resources, activities, and investigative lessons for schools

Broaden Tech Fluency. Transform Learning

Transform instruction and broaden tech fluency with the TRAILS library of lessons and experiences. Whether you’re looking for a single TRAIL Mix lesson or an entire TRAIL Guide unit, TRAILS lessons are available in a wide range of subjects from kindergarten to 12th grade.

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TRAILS was developed by educators for educators. The team behind TRAILS lessons is made of up award-winning, TED-Talk-giving education superstars who know a thing or two about using technology in the classroom.


Lesson Types

Trail mixes

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Bite-sized lessons for STEM

These little lessons were designed to make technology use in the classroom easy, approachable, and fun! Just like the real stuff, with TRAIL Mix, you can take just a small handful of immersive technology lessons (or gobble up a whole lot!) to fuel your class’ learning experiences.

Length: Single Lesson (30-60 minutes)
Grades: K-12
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Gravity and Air Resistance

GRADE 3-5 This TRAIL Mix includes a combination of science and technology skills. Students will make predictions and conduct an experiment about the rate at which 2 different items made from the same material fall to the ground. Students will examine how the force of gravity affects falling objects and develop a beginning understanding of how air resistance counteracts gravity.

Trail GuideS

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Multi-lesson learning adventures

These rigorous lessons follow the research based 5E Model of instruction, and are organized into 5-lesson thematic units that cover multiple weeks of instruction. TRAIL Guides are tightly aligned to Next Generation Science and ISTE Standards. Also, TRAIL Guides follow Universal Design For Learning guidelines to ensure they accommodate every learner.

Length: Full Unit (4-6 lessons)
Grades: K-12
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GRADE 3-5 In this 2-3 day lesson, students will explore what happens during solar and lunar eclipses. Students will experiment with physical models to develop a better understanding of how the positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon create eclipses, and conclude the lesson by creating Flipgrid videos to explain and showcase their understanding of eclipses.

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Be a part of the community of educators looking to TRAILS for engaging technology-based lessons. TRAILS is available to all Trafera customers. Our goal is to help educators connect the dots between emerging tech and actual classroom experiences.

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