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Challenge Accepted: Companies Respond to #OutGiveCorona

The buzz is spreading as tech vendors continue to show their generosity

With how quickly the COVID-19 situation has been developing, it’s hard to remember what the world was like even three weeks ago. FireFly had just begun sending employees home to work remotely and many schools had only just begun talking about what moving to online classes would look like. Now, contingency plans have turned to reality and, practically overnight, schools across the country have had to abruptly switch to distance learning to slow the spread of coronavirus.

A “new normal” has been ushered in, however even in times of massive change, one thing will never waiver–FireFly’s commitment to helping schools engage their students with modern computing technology.

On March 18, FireFly saw an opportunity to give back to the K-12 community in a big way. We launched our #OutGiveCorona campaign, a community challenge to support schools across the nation dealing with coronavirus closures. It began with us donating 100 new Chromebooks to a low-income local high school that needed student take-home devices, but we didn’t stop there. We called on our competitors and manufacturers in the technology space to help carry the torch by making a contribution of their own. Afterward, they were asked to help keep the momentum going by challenging two additional companies. In the following weeks, we’ve seen unbelievable responses from companies rising up to make a big difference during these challenging times.


Here’s a list of pledges made so far:



Trinity 3 Technology–100 Chromebooks + Free Video Library

Thank you for the challenge @fireflycomputer. We chose to donate 100 devices with 4 year ADP to a local school.@tierneyhq & @HG_Gear , we challenge you! Together we can help keep schools going strong through the #coronavirus closures. #outgivecorona

— Trinity3 Technology (@Trinity3Tech) March 20, 2020


As part of the #outgivecorona challenge, Trinity3 is offering a variety of videos to help teachers get students online fast during this challenging time.

Check out this playlist created by Professional Learning Specialist Josh Ratliff. → #distancelearning

— Trinity3 Technology (@Trinity3Tech) April 2, 2020


Tierney Brothers–10 Online Professional Development Sessions



Other Responses

Word is getting out about #OutGiveCorona. Just see what PHOS Creative–a digital agency out of Gainesville, FL–had to say in their blog, “Our Favorite Small Business Responses to COVID-19”:

As many schools closed across the country in March, many families worried about how they’d provide technology for their children to continue their studies. FireFly Computers, an education technology company, donated 100 Chrome books to a metro school in Minnesota so that the school could properly stay connected to students who are forced to adapt to distance learning environments.

What makes this even more powerful is the company’s #OutGiveCorona campaign that is encouraging all businesses that are able to come together to help the community.

What a perfect example of being a light in your industry.

Our story was also picked up by CBS news (WCCO-Minneapolis) and featured in their morning programming on March 25, 2020:


So how do you #OutGiveCorona?

We all need a little more good news these days! Let us know how you, your company, or someone you know is putting forth extra effort to help the community by tagging #OutGiveCorona on social media. Show us how you’re using your talents to bring some light to those around you.

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