Trafera’s Device-As-A-Service (Daas) Brings More Certainty to Schools Facing “Funding Cliff” Concerns

Trafera’s Device-As-A-Service (Daas) Brings More Certainty to Schools Facing “Funding Cliff” Concerns
September 29, 2023 5 min read

Trafera’s Device as a Service program (or DaaS) is helping schools acquire the technology, services, and support that they need as the “funding cliff” looms. 

If you’re part of the 92% of schools that reported using COVID relief funding to buy ed tech in the past few years, you’ve likely heard of the coming “funding cliff”. It refers to the “imminent end of billions of dollars in federal COVID relief money” (Chalkbeat) made available to schools during and after the pandemic: Money that was used to strengthen technology infrastructure, help students catch up academically, and prepare for future learning disruptions. 

Regarding technology investments with these relief funds, many schools focused a portion of their spending on 1:1 (“one-to-one”) computing for students. In fact, the percentage of schools reporting to have a 1-to-1 ratio of devices to students jumped dramatically across all grade levels (image 1.1)

graph with levels of one to one devices in schools before and after covid 19 pandemicgraph with levels of one to one devices in schools before and after covid 19 pandemic
Image 1.1 Graph comparing levels of 1:1 devices in schools before and after Covid-19 pandemic. Source: EducationWeek "During COVIF-19, Schools Have Made a Mad Dash to 1-to-1 computing. What Happens Next" (2021)

Not only did these implementations help keep students connected to their education during periods of remote and hybrid learning, they continue to play a role in developing digital literacy skills and professional development. 

The challenge now is how to sustain these initiatives without federal relief programs.

While there are a lot of ways schools can creatively work their budgets —such as grant proposals, applications for state and federal funds, and leveraging purchasing contracts - Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is gaining popularity in education due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

What is Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

Device-as-a-Service offers a streamlined, flexible solution for schools to navigate the challenges of tech management. DaaS delivers an all-in-one package, combining hardware devices (like Chromebooks) with essential services (like warranties, whiteglove, and tech support). That whole bundle is then paid for incrementally, rather than in one lump sum upfront. 

Like a lease, a DaaS agreement lets you pay for access to equipment with recurring payments. However, it goes even further by bundling that equipment with other benefits such as support services, built-in upgrade cycles, and more.  

Infographic with colorful cards presenting seven benefits of Devices As A Service program.Infographic with colorful cards presenting seven benefits of Devices As A Service program.
Device-as-a-Service (DasS) is a husssle-free approach to technology management. It offers schools hardware devices and services in a single package to be paid out throughout a period of time.

7 Benefits of Devices as a Service


Acquire technology for your school without the heavy initial costs and financial arrangements that best fit your budget:

DaaS Flex: Flexibility to purchase the tech at its fair market value, renew the service, or return and upgrade to the latest hardware/devices at the end of the term.
$1 Buyout: Own your hardware/devices at a term’s end. Purchase the equipment for just $1, keeping in mind that monthly payments for this option are higher.

Budget Flexibility

DaaS provides a structured payment plan, allowing schools to spread out tech costs over time.  This approach aids in budget management, as funds can be redirected to other pressing educational priorities. 

Maintenance & Support

The inclusion of maintenance and support services helps take a huge load of internal tech teams both during deployment and throughout the school year. Some common service add-ons for a Device-as-a-Service include: 

  • White Glove Setup: Your DaaS partner configures, enrolls, and sets up your new devices so they arrive ready to hand out to students.  
  • Warranty Coverage and Support: Your DaaS partner keeps your devices under warranty and will be able to repair and/or replace them promptly in case of incidents.
    Portfolio Management: You get a dedicated contact to handle all service transactions, changes, and returns

Access to Up-to-Date Technology:

DaaS ensures that students and educators always have their hands on the latest, most effective tools for enhanced learning experiences. Trafera’s relationships with manufacturers helps you get what you need, even when there are shortages in the market. 

Recycle or Trade-In

At the end of the agreement plan, schools can simply return the equipment, skipping the challenges associated with tech disposal.

Additionally, trade IT® initiative offers schools another advantage. If they have old equipment, Trafera will take care of recycling the old, providing you with a credit towards a new contract.


DaaS Allows you to adjust tech inventory based on real-time needs and offers a solution that can adapt to changing circumstances. All without the need for substantial investments or long-term commitments.

Risk Management

From unexpected system crashes to software glitches, tech ownership comes with its fair share of headaches. DaaS alleviates these pressures, offering a more risk-free tech management strategy by:

Helping predict costs: budget more efficiently by knowing tech expenses in advance.
Keeping updated software and hardware: DaaS providers often make sure that devices are running on the latest, most secure software versions.
Offering built-in support: If a device malfunctions or software issues arise, you don't have to search for a technician or service provider.

Trafera is constantly expanding its portfolio of devices and services to better respond to the needs of schools, educators, and students. With the latest addition of our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) we are offering more flexibility for our customers to find solutions that best fit their needs without compromising on the quality or straining their budgets.  

Contact our representatives today and find out more how you can take advantage of DaaS by Trafera. 

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