How to Package Devices for Repair Shipping

Before you pack your device(s)

  1. If your device has biological contamination or a bug infestation, STOP. We cannot perform repairs on it, nor can we return it to you due to shipping restrictions. Please contact to discuss whether there are any options available under your warranty plan.
  2. Make sure every device you are sending us has a repair ticket associated with it. You can do so by submitting the serial number and a description of the problem through our Repair Claim Form. Unexpected devices arriving with your shipment could cause delays.
  3. Be sure to back up any critical data that may be on your devices. We cannot be held responsible for lost data due to hardware failure or issues encountered during the shipping or repair process.
  4. Please DO NOT include any accessories, cases, or power adapters unless they have been specifically requested for testing purposes.
  5. Once we receive the items for repair, we will contact you if we have any questions or if any recommended repairs are not covered by your warranty. You will also receive various communications throughout the repair process and can monitor the status of your repairs in the Trafera Portal.

Packing devices with a Trafera Smart Shipper box

Trafera Smart Shipper boxes can be requested free of charge when filling out a Repair Claim Form or at any time by contacting This is our preferred method for transporting devices for repairs. When shipped, they should contain no less than two and no more than six devices.

  1. Do not remove the interior boxes. These will act as “sleeves” to protect your devices during shipping. The outer box can be reused for several return shipments. Only damaged boxes should be discarded.
  2. Pack each interior box with only one device. Insert each device into its own provided bubble bag. Please DO NOT pack multiple devices into the same interior box.
  3. Securely tape the box closed and affix the shipping label to the top. Please use ONLY the shipping label provided. Boxes that arrive without a ticket number on the label may be delayed.
  4. Send the package with your regular pickup, or drop it off at one of the courier’s approved locations. For UPS shipments, we provide a form you can use to schedule a pick up from your location.

Packing devices with your own boxes

  1. Use packing materials such as foam or bubble wrap that won’t shift during transport. Styrofoam peanuts and/or shredded paper are NOT suitable materials for packing computers or electronics. You will be responsible for any damages that occur due to improper packaging.
  2. Be sure all items are completely surrounded by packing material and are not in direct contact with any side(s) of the exterior box. If you are shipping more than one item, wrap each one separately in protective materials before placing it in the main box.
  3. Remove or cross out any stickers on the exterior of the outer box other than the shipping label, and avoid writing any extra information on the outside of the box.
  4. Ensure your reference number (SRO, Group ID, or RMA) is shown clearly on your shipping label. Shipments received without a reference number may be delayed.
  5. If you aren’t using a shipping label provided by Trafera, be sure to save your tracking number in case it’s needed for delivery verification.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We’re happy to help.

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