OPS Sync for Element Series

Syncing The ActivConnect OPS-G Enables The ActivPanel To:

  • Display apps from a connected ActivConnect OPS-G within the ActivPanel Locker
  • Launch apps on a connected ActivConnect OPS-G from the ActivPanel Locker
  • Show and launch ActivConnect OPS-G apps from the Recent Apps icon in the ActivPanel Unified Menu without having to switch sources


  1. ActivPanel Elements Series firmware version 3.1.1 or above. To check the firmware version for your specific model, please visit the Download page.
  2. Ensure your ActivConnect OPS-G has the correct firmware to enable syncing with the ActivPanel Elements Series.
  3. Ensure both the ActivPanel Elements Series and the ActivConnect OPS-G are connected to the same network. NB: If your network uses a firewall, it may be necessary to whitelist this URL: https://api.prometheanpanel.com/v1/

The method used to connect the ActivPanel to the network will determine how the OPS-G should be connected to the ActivPanel for all ActivPanel Elements Series:

  • Wi-Fi: If the ActivPanel is connected to the network via Wi-Fi, then the OPS-G must also be connected to the same network via Wi-Fi.
  • Ethernet: If the ActivPanel is connected to the network via Ethernet cable, the OPS-G can use the network connectivity of the ActivPanel to access the network.

To use the network connectivity of the ActivPanel to access the network via Ethernet, the OPS-G must be connected to the ActivPanel, and the OPS-G’s Ethernet interface must be set to use the Network interface of ActivPanel.To set the OPS-G Ethernet interface to use the Network interface of the ActivPanel:

  • Open the Unified Menu and tap Source then OPS
  • Tap the Settings icon in the Locker of the Unified Menu
  • Under Settings, tap Ethernet Configuration, and then tap Ethernet interface
  • From there, make sure it is set to Network interface of ActivPanel


  1. Locate and note the ActivPanel serial number. To locate the ActivPanel serial number, open the Unified Menu, then the Locker, and then select the Update app icon. Make note of the serial number in the bottom left corner of the Update window.
  2. Switch sources to the ActivConnect OPS-G. Open the Unified Menu again and tap Source, then select OPS to display the ActivConnect OPS-G.
  3. Open Android notifications. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display notifications, and tap on the notification that reads Cannot find Panel Serial number in…
  4. The ActivConnect OPS-G screen will update. The bubbles and the pink menu button on the home page will disappear. All of the apps installed on the OPS-G can now be found within the Locker. The Promethean apps will now run from the ActivPanel and not the ActivConnect OPS-G. You can confirm that the syncing operation is complete by swiping down from the top of the screen (as in step 3 above) and the notification will now read Connected IP
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