Newline's RS+ and Q Series Flat Panels Compared

Newline's RS+ and Q Series Flat Panels Compared
July 21, 2022 5 min read

The use of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) in the classroom can create a collaborative and engaging environment for students and teachers.

Educators can enjoy seemingly limitless teaching with the ability to do things like sharing multi-media content, setting up interactive games, and screen casting to both remote and in-person students. Meanwhile, students receive a big and brilliant educational experience that encourages hands-on learning, group interaction, and active participation. All that with the help of a good IFP.

Newline is leading the way in interactive displays, offering trusted products that are constantly evolving based on user feedback. Recently, Newline launched their Q Series panels, the latest of their classroom innovations. But what sets this new kid on the block apart from its predecessor, the RS+ Series?

Let’s compare Newline’s RS+ and the Q Series interactive flat panels and learn the tailored benefits you can have when incorporating them into a learning experience.

Newline RS+ Series

The RS+ series (available in 65”,75” and 86” size options) has been Newline’s cornerstone flat panel in K-12 for a number of years, loved for its brilliant display, simple screen casting functionality, and customizability.

Its built-in OS features intelligent touch (object recognition that “differentiates between a finger, stylus, and palm to react as a marker, pen, or eraser”), easy customization with themes and personalized UI, and compatibility with Windows, IOS and Android devices.

Newline Q Series

This year, Newline introduced its “best education solutions to date”; the Q Series panel. There are three big categories that set it apart from the the RS+ Series: Customizability, student health features, and overall experience. Let’s dive into them:


User Profiles

With the Newline Q Series, one now has the ability to create user profiles that are personalized to individual users. Profiles can be made for teachers, students, departments, or display usage type and store favorite themes, apps, and personal settings. What does this mean for a classroom? Teachers can set their own specific preferences, customize the main dashboard, and set easy access to their favorite apps, so when it’s class time, all the tools they need are easily accessible and exactly where they want them. Perfect for today’s flexible learning environments.

New Themes

This latest model comes with a number of attractive new themes to choose from including fun designs made specifically for education.

Student Health Features

Antimicrobial Glass

Panels get touched by a wide range of users throughout the day. Newline implemented a TÜV certified antimicrobial coating to their screens with the Q Series, helping both students and teachers stay cleaner and healthier during classroom collaboration.

Blue Light Filter

Additionally, Newline chose to address another student health concern with their Q Series panels–toxic blue light. By adding a KSF Phosphor substrate to the LED backlight, they’ve been able to reduce the amount of blue light emission from their panels, mitigating the risk to students’ eye health.

Enhanced Experience

Powerful Embedded Android 11 OS

Have confidence in a secure, and fully embedded operating system. Newline’s Q Series panels come equipped with Android 11, which allows teachers to connect to cloud content, apps and more. It also features advanced privacy controls to keep teacher and student information safe and secure. All without needing to connect to an external device.

Trafera Tip: Want to run a completely Chrome classroom? Turn any Newline panel into a giant Chrome OS computer with a Chromebox.

New UI for Smoother Teaching

The new Q Series panel brings with it an updated take on the Newline home dashboard, streamlined for even easier use, and a freshened-up look available in multiple themes.

Embedded Audio/Visual

With a 178° viewing angle, 4k display and built-in 20W speakers, Q Series panels deliver optimal audio and visual experience for teachers and students.

Additional Features

Plug and Play USB Type-C

Enjoy an easier user experience that allows for instant access. Q Series panels features single-cable plugin, so teachers can effortlessly connect their laptops to their classroom display.

Camera Module (Optional Add-On)

This optional feature offers the ultimate video sharing experience with a flexible 4k wide-angle camera. Add a microphone of your choice and create a collaborative solution that fits your classroom’s needs.

WI-FI 6 Support

With an upgraded overall performance, Wi-Fi 6 capabilities allow for up to 30 connected devices, support 2.4 and 5GHZ dual band, and more. Q Series panels include multiple ports (location on both front and back) for easy connectivity with any mounting station.

The Q Series is the next step for Newline in delivering brilliant and engaging front-of-classroom instruction through interactive flat panels. Educators can tailor their classroom board to suit their teaching style and workflows, and create vibrant, engaging and modern learning experiences for their students.

Quickly compare Newline’s RS+ and Q series interactive touch displays

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