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Trafera Professional Development

On Demand
Online Professional Development for teachers that blends the art of teaching with today’s technology tools. Go to Trafera PD
Learn At Your Own Pace
Discover Immediately Applicable Tips
Earn Certificates & C.E. Credits

Blending Product & Pedagogical Training

Our trainers are experienced in the artform of teaching with technology, and they bring that mindset to every Trafera PD course.

Through engaging asynchronous lessons, you learn to connect product knowledge with its application in the classroom.

When it comes to teaching with tech, it’s more than pushing buttons. It’s using modern tools to take your instruction higher and achieve more with your students.

Become the "Tech-Savvy" Teacher

Learn how to apply popular classroom technology tools to your everyday teaching:

  • Newline Flat Panels
  • Promethean ActivPanel
  • Chromebooks
  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Microsoft Office
  • Education Apps and Extensions
  • Chromebooks
female teacher in front of the class working with a student at an interactive panel

What Others Say About Trafera PD

  • Info I've Been Wanting!

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to use several of the object tools. Now I’m ready to enhance some of the older flipcharts that I’ve been using. Also excited to use some of the features from the browsers tab that I didn’t realize were there.

  • Great Learning Experience

    I’m familiar with flipcharts, but not knowledgeable about all that can be done with the Tools and other features. Very educational and enjoyable learning.

  • Interesting and Practical

    Although it was long, it was enjoyable as there were examples of performing and using all the google tools and not just “explaining” how to use the tools. I can’t wait to implement all this technology into our school with our teachers.

  • Google Makes My Classroom So Interactive

    LOVE LOVE LOVE using Google in my classroom and so do my students.

  • This training answered all my questions

    This training was very thorough and covered ALL the important skills I will need to be successful.

  • Very engaging!

    This Intermediate and Advanced training for the next level of Google certification was engaging, and I liked the enthusiasm of the instructors.

  • Getting Started with Distance learning

    I must admit I am 65 years old and technology is challenging for me. The fact that I can go back, take notes, and listen again to instructions of something I do not fully understand is great.

  • A must do!

    Great course. Instructors kept every lesson fun and simple. I learned so much.

  • I learned a lot!

    I went into the training thinking I knew a lot of the information that was going to be presented, however, I learned a lot! This was a very informative training and the presenters were fun.


Teacher Empowerment Included With Every Purchase

Providing a future-ready education requires more than just access to powerful technology tools. Educators need to be equally empowered with the skills they need to create an instructional shift using these tools.

By connecting product knowledge with its application in the classroom, Trafera’s in-person and on-demand professional development (Trafera PD) helps schools improve technology adoption and make an instructional shift using modern technology tools.

On Demand Trafera PD is included in every technology purchase*!

Developed by Teachers For Teachers

Trafera PD trainers spent a lot of time in the classroom (170 years combined to be exact).

They infuse that experience into every on-demand course, applying modern technology tools to tried-and-true and exciting new teaching methodology.

The result is authentic and engaging trainings with real world application in the classroom.

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