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Customer Referrals

Trafera is pleased to offer our valued customers an opportunity to earn additional computer technology equipment at no cost to your district or school simply for referring us to a new client.

How the referral program works:

  1. Using the form below, let us know of colleagues at other school districts or organizations who you think would benefit from working with Trafera and help us get introduced.
  2. For every Chromebook, Windows PC, interactive flat panel (IFP), or Trafera warranty purchased by a referred client for 1 year from the date your of referral, you will receive a credit towards a future purchase from Trafera.

There is no limit to the number of referral credits you can earn.

Why refer people to Trafera?

Our commitment to helping schools achieve greater learning experiences through technology is authentic and really does come from our hearts. Beyond any financial incentives, we hope your experiences with us have been great and we want to show your colleagues the same level of dedication and partnership you’ve enjoyed with us.

If you know of a colleague who would benefit from working with Trafera, you can submit a referral using the form below:

  • Trafera Customer Referral Form

  • Your Info

    The person making the referral
  • Referral Info

    Person or organization who could benefit from working with Trafera
  • This is required to ensure we have the right location. Some schools have identical or similar names.