Buy a Chromebook and Get a FREE Hotspot and Data

Trafera and Kajeet are offering an unbeatable bundle to get your students connected and ready for 2023-2024 school year!

Get any Chromebook* from Trafera with a 2 year data commitment from Kajeet and get a FREE SmartSpot, and your second year of data for 44%-off!

What is in this bundle?

  • FREE Kajeet SmartSpot
  • FREE Sentinel Filtering
  • 44% OFF Unlimited Data (Year 2 Only)

Already Have Chromebooks? You Can Still Take Advantage of This Offer!

Contact us to find out about getting on a 2-year Kajeet data plan to claim your free SmartSpot and discounted year of data. 

Internet access for students is a necessity.  Whether in class, at home, or en route, no student should be left behind due to lack of internet access.

From WiFi-enabled Smart Buses to mobile hotspots to wireless laptops and to private wireless networks, Kajeet has a variety of solutions that help bridge the digital divide.

students and a teacher on a school bus