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Classroom Displays & Panels

Create bold and engaging classroom experiences around Newline Interactive Flat Panels (IFP). Newline displays are designed with education in mind, with intuitive functionality and tools designed for better collaboration and creative learning.

Spark Passion for Learning

pink, orange, blue, and purple circle representing classroom engagement
Cultivate Whole-class Engagement
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Hassle-free Multi-touch Display
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Works With Your Favorite Apps
newline interactive flat panel
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Newline Panels for Education

Improved RS+ Series

Get your students actively involved in their learning on a 4K ultra-high-definition interactive flat panel that lets them work together on the same screen. Bring your lessons to life with a vibrant and vivid focal point for your classroom.

Girl using a newline interactive flat panel 300
Hybrid teaching using an interactive flat panel
Teacher presenting with newline interactive flat panel

Displays for Hybrid Classrooms

Newline Interactive panels let you screencast lessons and teach in real-time to your students no matter where they are. Our free downloadable resource “Creating Hybrid Teaching Studios” shows how you can put teachers back at the head of the class and allow them to instruct in a dynamic, engaging way while still keeping online learners fully included.


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Today’s interactive flat panels are advanced teaching tools that are becoming a mainstay in classrooms from elementary to university levels. Of all U.S. classrooms, 87% have at least one form of display installed, with a continued increase in adoption expected over the next several years...

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