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Interactive Flat Panel Enhancements

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Audio Enhancement
  • Choose from a variety of sound solutions for every situation.
Camera / Keyboard
  • Classroom Cameras
  • Wireless Handheld Keyboard
Symphony Classroomby Merlyn Mind
  • The AI Classroom Hub which combines hardware, AI, and software.
Mounting Options
  • Choose from a variety of mounting options for every situation.
All-in-one camera
  • Multi-Function Camera with AI Audio

Classroom Audio by Audio Enhacement

Providing classrooms with distributed sound solutions allows teachers to speak in a natural voice and helps students hear the lesson from anywhere in the room. Whether you are using Beam Pro, Beam, Optimum System, Sentinel System, or Mini Classroom System, you have several great options for providing enhanced classroom audio.

A male teacher holding a microphone for a young student who's reading from a paper Learning Begins With Hearing

Tracking Conference Cameras From Aver and Logitech

Auto tracking conference and distance learning cameras from Aver and Logitech. Keep your students engaged whether you are in the class or remote learning. With these devices you can move about the room with confidence knowing you will be followed, keeping your students engaged. You can run supported video conferencing applications – such as Microsoft Teams® Rooms and Zoom® Rooms – directly on the device with no computer or laptop required.


Handheld Wireless Keyboard by Logitech

The Logitech K400 handheld wireless keyboard has Integrated Wireless capabilities with a Plug-and-Play setup. This device has an 18-month battery life and has customizable control right from the box.


Symphony Classroom by Merlyn Mind

HOW MERLYN WORKS: Teachers can say: "Hey Merlyn!" from anywhere in the classroom and ask their digital assistant to perform a task, such as opening a presentation. They can use natural voice commands or the remote to control their devices, browsers, apps, and more.

AI Enabled Classroom Hub

With so many tasks to juggle and so much technology in their classrooms, teachers need help to manage it all. That's where Merlyn comes in. Merlyn is a digital assistant created with advanced AI technology that helps teachers perform routine actions and control their devices so they can focus on what matters most—their students.

Merlyn was created specifically for use in schools and it responds to the unique needs of teachers, complies with applicable U.S. privacy laws, and works with technology already found in the classroom. Merlyn is so easy to use so teachers can get started quickly.


All-in-one camera a30

The A30 is a multi-functional classroom tool that enhances the teaching experience by combining a document camera, web camera, microphone, and speaker!

woman smiling and talking at her desk

Mounting Options For Interactive Displays

Fixed Height Mobile Stand
interactive display on a mobile stand
Compliant with ADA standards for Accessible Design.
Adjustable Height Mobile Stand
interactive display on a grey mobile stand
Mobile stand with electrical height adjustable column system.
Tilt - Adjustable Height Mobile Stand
interactive display on a mobile tilt stand
Mobile stand with electrical height adjustable column and tilt.
Adjustable Height Wall Mount - Balance Box
interactive display on an adjustable height wall mount
Manual height adjustable wall mount solution to move interactive touch panels up and down with the touch of a finger.

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