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All-In-One Camera A30

All-In-One Camera A30

The A30 is a multi-functional classroom tool that enhances the teaching experience by combining a document camera, web camera, microphone, and speaker!
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World’s First Multi-Function Camera with AI Audio for the Classroom

With easy-to-use plug-n-play connectivity, the A30 speaker connects to computers, IFPs, and monitors to provide clear classroom audio up to 20 feet away. Teachers can seamlessly pivot between doc cam and webcam modes without having to switch technology devices, while the built-in microphone and speaker minimize set up time and can support small classroom work groups and hearing-impaired students. The A30 allows connection to wireless microphone via line in for versatile lesson recording.

Superior Audio with AI Technology

compact document camera with a speaker

The integration of the camera, microphone and speaker minimizes setup time and optimizes the audio and video experience. The high-quality AI audio technology, our exclusive algorithm, produces clear sound with echo cancellation while minimizing background noise, creating a fantastic learning environment! Great for small work groups, classrooms, and special needs use cases.

Multipurpose Classroom Audio

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The A30 microphone and speaker create a more inclusive learning environment. It connects to computers, IFPs and monitors for clear audio recording and playback up to 20 feet away for the students sitting in the back of the classroom. The audio recording capabilities support small classroom work groups and the hearing-impaired students. Record versatile lessons with the in line wireless microphone connection.

4K Camera Quality

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The 13 megapixel camera delivers impressive resolution in 4K, allowing the A30 to capture all details perfectly.

Flexible Camera Angles

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The extendable arm elongates and folds to capture multiple angles. The smart design also includes an adjustable camera head and rotatable base.

Picture-in-Picture Interface

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The A30 has both HDMI and USB outputs for video streaming. Teachers can connect to another USB camera for picture-in-picture image when using the software. Compatible with all major video-conferencing platforms.

Video Conferencing or Doc Cam Modes

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The automatic image rotation allows a seamless experience to switch from conference camera mode that works with all popular video conferencing platforms, to a document camera and back! The image flips automatically when uplifting the camera head, allowing it to always be in the correct direction.

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