Device Lifecycle Management.
Build Credit for New Tech While Responsibly Recycling Old Devices. 

Eco-Friendly Chromebook Recycling Program

Responsibly Recycle

Aging Chrome, Windows, and iOS Devices

Build a Bigger Budget

For Future Technology Purchases

Free Up Storage Space

By Clearing Out Old Devices

Clean Our Your Tech Closet.
Earn Credit For New Devices!

Clean out old technology and make room for the new. Trafera's Device Life Cycle Management (DLM) program helps you earn credits toward future purchases by recycling your used devices. 

Reduce E-Waste: Responsibly Recycle and Refurbish

With the Device Life Cycle Management program, you can responsibly decommission your school's used devices. We partner with Repowered to recycle, refurbish, and repurpose computers to make a possible environmental impact on our communities. 

How to Recycle Devices With Trafera

Gather Your Old Devices

Let your Account Manager know you're interested in recycling your old devices. We will ship you pallets of slotted boxes to fill with the devices you wish to dispose of.

Arrange a Pickup

Once you've filled out your boxes, reach back out to your Trafera Account Manager to schedule a pickup. Whether via local pickup (depending on location) or shipping, Trafera will cover the cost.

Get Your Estimate & Claims Credits

When the products are received, inventoried, and processed, credit will be applied to your Trafera customer account to be used toward future purchases. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Credits are valid for 1 year. 
  • 25% of new purchase quotes can consist of credited dollar amounts. For example, if your new quote is for $1,000, then $250 of that purchase can be paid for through the use of a credit. 
  • Credits can be applied towards any new or refurbished Trafera product or service purchase including device warranties and renewals. 
  • Loading dock or ground-level pickup is possible. Contact information for scheduling is required. 
  • Devices recycled to R2 certified standard. 


What devices will you take? Nearly any ChromeOS, Windows, iOS laptop, or iPad can be recycled through Trafera's Device Life Cycle Management program. This program does not include recycling technology such as printers, large-screen devices (interactive boards, TVs, etc), appliances, batteries, or small-form gadgets. Contact your Trafera account manager if you wish to confirm whether the technology you're disposing of qualifies for DLM credits. 

Is this a buyback program? No. Unlike a buyback program (where the used devices might still hold value either for resale or parts), Trafera Device Life Cycle Management is intended for devices that have reached the end of their life cycle. DLM devices are essentially decommissioned and recycled using environmental and data-security best practices. Learn more about Trafera's Buy Back Program.

Does recycling old devices compromise student/teacher data security? Your data is safe and secure throughout the entire process. Trafera's partner, Repowered, stays compliant with data destruction protocol. Data is destroyed through physical destruction and a precise electronic sanitation process. Additionally, Repowered takes care to safeguard electronics and their components (like hard drives) to ensure limited access to your private information. Learn more about Repowered's data security practices. 

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