5 Essential Tools for Every Modern Learning Environment

5 Essential Tools for Every Modern Learning Environment
August 6, 2021 106 min read

Technology has become essential to the modern learning experience, with more and more teachers leveraging devices and software every day to help students engage more effectively in and out of the classroom.


The rise of technology has led students to expect it as a key component of their curriculum – and educators and lawmakers alike are taking notice. CARES Act funding and the newly announced federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) are slated to help both students and teachers take advantage of learning tools in 2021 and beyond.

But with so many different options available from so many different brands, it can be difficult to know where to invest your resources for maximum impact. To help shed some light on this challenge, here are five essential tools every modern learning environment can use to improve curriculum and engagement this schoolyear and for years to come.

1. Chromebooks

Chromebooks can provide a wide range of benefits in the classroom, serving as a highly portable, durable, and easy-to-use computing device for both teachers and students.

In addition to increasing flexibility, engagement, and collaboration – all at an affordable price – Chromebooks can also play a key role in helping bridge the learning gap between students in low-income districts and those in high-income districts.

There are many different Chromebooks to choose from, and the model best for you will depend largely on your curriculum and learning environment. The Trafera team is here to help you find the right solution for your school that can have an optimal impact for both students and teachers. We offer warranties and accidental damage protection, white glove setup, custom laser etching and asset tags, free tech support, and more.

2. Windows Laptops

As valuable as Chromebooks can be to the learning experience, there are certain tasks they simply aren’t designed to handle. In these instances, Windows laptops can serve as a highly effective option, ideal for tasks like:

  • STEM curriculum (CAD, coding, and other specialized software that doesn’t exist as an application)
  • Resource-intensive applications (video production, graphic design)
  • Graphics-intensive applications (gaming)

Windows laptops work great as teacher and staff devices due to their increased power and versatility, with multi-purpose capability that can also serve the in-class and personal needs of growing students. Windows laptops are capable of working with Google Workspace for Education while also enabling central management of Chrome browser settings and of Windows devices through Microsoft’s Intune platform.

Specs and features aside, Windows devices also play a critical role in improving students’ digital literacy, helping to prepare them for tech-driven pursuits beyond the classroom, whether in college, career, or personal endeavors.

3. Interactive Flat Panels

Traditional whiteboards and chalkboards are now firmly things of the past, with interactive flat panels revolutionizing present-day lesson plans. In addition to providing streamlined and high-definition content sharing capability, interactive flat panels can also be customized to suit your specific classroom and curriculum.

Features and benefits of interactive flat panels include:

  • 4K ultra HD display on many models
  • Large screen for high visibility even in the back of the classroom
  • Touchscreen capability for interactivity
  • Anti-glare tempered glass for improved visibility
  • Improved video and presentation quality
  • Range of options and customization to meet the needs of your classroom
  • Intelligent touch to recognize finger, stylus, palm, marker, pen, and eraser
  • Wireless casting ability for streamlined content sharing

4. Web Monitoring and Security Software

The safety, well-being, and focus of students are all top-of-mind priorities for schools today – and for good reason. Taking steps to ensure students are engaged in and enthusiastic about day-to-day learning can go a long way toward furthering their education.

When it comes to managing devices and monitoring student safety, GoGuardian is a great solution. The all-in-one suite for managing technology allows administrators to unify filtering, classroom management, and mental health tools all in one readily accessible and easy-to-use platform.

GoGuardian’s features and capabilities include:

  • Content filtering and monitoring of any device and any OS
  • Classroom management to eliminate distractions and improve student engagement
  • Ability to identify students at risk of suicide or possible harm to others through threats, violence, and bullying
  • Compatibility with Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and Apple devices

GoGuardian makes it easy to seamlessly integrate multiple devices and platforms into your 1:1 deployment, playing a key role in managing your fleet of devices while ensuring students are safe and ready to learn.

5. Charging Solutions

Managing a fleet of Chromebooks and Windows laptops can be a tall task without the proper supporting technology. First and foremost, it’s important that devices are fully charged to get through the day and that they’re securely stored when not in the hands of students and teachers.

Charging carts, cabinets, and lockers help accomplish this by creating a secure space to charge and store tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and more, with a range of styles and options to help you find the right solution for your space. Desktop-mounted chargers and power strips also allow students to charge devices in class while using them.

Features and benefits of these charging solutions include:

  • Ability to charge several different devices and device types simultaneously
  • Durability and security to protect your investment
  • Flexible wall or desk mounting capability
  • Compact, space-saving designs
  • Easy cable management
  • Storage for up to 40+ devices on some carts
  • Variety of designs and features to fit your unique needs
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