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I.T. HERO 101: Organizational Units (Part 3)

Working With Setup Specialists

Setting Up Your Computer Specialist for Success

Setting up a strong OU structure is one thing but taking the time to individually enroll each device is a whole other beast. Placing all of your district’s new Chromebooks within your domain can be a cumbersome task. Unfortunately, Google Admin Console doesn’t come equipped with a strong bulk enrollment capability. During Chromebook setup, It can take between 5-8 minutes to individually update and enroll new devices in Google Admin Console. Multiply that by the number of devices in a deployment initiative and that’s a lot of time down the drain. No thanks!

Having an expert to help during Chromebook Deployment makes your job a whole lot easier. Working with Chromebook Setup Specialists–like the team at FireFly–gives you back hours of time during the deployment process. On request, OU enrollment can be included in White Glove Setup plan making new device deployment easier than ever!

Set your technicians up for success by providing them with the right information and good instructions. Give them a list of your separate organizational units, their full OU path, the quantity of devices each OU will receive.


When it’s time for them to get to work arranging devices within your domain, we recommend the creation of a locked down enrollment account (Instructions HERE). This allows for the explicit function of device enrollment and modification without giving access to anything else in your domain. Then, you can sit back and your setup specialist will do all the hard work for you.

See other ways that FireFly is making K-12 technology easier! Whether you’re just getting started with a 1-to-1 technology program, or looking for new solutions for maintaining your current technology fleet, FireFly is your partner in school computing.

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