I Made Learning Exciting and Relevant with ClassVR

I Made Learning Exciting and Relevant with ClassVR
August 30, 2021 2 min read

Taking My Students on a “Journey"

As a young elementary school teacher, I always tried to bring as many real-life experiences into my instruction as possible. After all, teaching in New Orleans meant that there was an abundance of references to history, culture, architecture, geography, and more around every street corner!

As I began a social studies lesson one morning, I made reference to a ride across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – a very familiar landmark to anyone in this part of Louisiana. To my surprise, most of my students looked at me with confused expressions on their faces…most of them had never been across the bridge and my reference was completely lost on them.

After this experience, I recognized the need to be able to take my students on a “journey” during our lessons. If an actual trip somewhere was out of the question (and most of the time it was), then what was the next closest thing? I stumbled across virtual reality for my classroom. Virtual reality is no longer something from a science fiction novel or an eclectic TV show. VR is a very real and available classroom technology that helps teachers and students discover places in unique ways providing them with authentic learning experiences that they never forget.

ClassVR’s headset is a standalone, classroom-ready device, delivering a fully immersive VR/AR experience under the teacher’s control. Everything you need is fully integrated.

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