FireFly Computers and Trinity3 Technology are Merging

FireFly Computers and Trinity3 Technology are Merging
October 2, 2020 3 min read

To our customers and friends,

We are excited to formally share a big announcement: Trinity3 Technology and FireFly Computers have merged. This joining of two top vendors in education and government will bring even greater capability and value to the products, services, and conveniences we offer to you. The combined company will continue to be a Rotunda Capital portfolio company, following Rotunda’s acquisition of Trinity3 Technology last year.

We know an announcement like this can generate many important questions. We don’t expect we can answer every question with this short letter, but we can confidently offer you the following perspective: FireFly Computers and Trinity3 Technology were independently growing and stronger than ever prior to this announcement, and we believe that independent success was achieved through a mutual and relentless dedication to you – our valued customer. By joining together, we can not only keep the best things both companies previously had to offer, but we can also pursue new opportunities to elevate the products and services we offer in order to serve you even better. Together, as one team, we will have newly enhanced expertise and capabilities that will make us a better partner for you!

What to Know for Now

Both Trinity3 Technology and FireFly Computers will continue to operate independently through the remainder of 2020 under the leadership of Scott Gill, formerly Trinity3 Technology President and CEO. Please continue reaching out to the same support teams as before, and you should continue to expect the same high levels of service you have always received. As we thoughtfully move forward integrating our two businesses, our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ needs will not change.  We will also be focused on bringing forth new and exciting ways to serve you.

What to Know for the Future

As a merged company, FireFly Computers and Trinity3 Technology will have a greater ability to invest in key platforms that will improve both customer service and customer satisfaction. We will be a more significant partner for distributors and manufacturers, with a focus on keeping prices low and availability high – particularly during this challenging time. We will expand our portfolio of support tools to include better tools for online ordering, a wider selection of products, improved customer & technical service, and easier ways for you to manage your business with us. We are also evaluating regional investments beyond our base in Minnesota to make service faster and more convenient.

In summary, please be confident that service to our customers is our #1 priority, both now and in the future. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We do have a lot of work ahead of us, and we look forward to an even better future serving you. We remain extremely grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us as your technology partner.


Trinity3 Technology and FireFly Computers

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