Expect More From Trafera

Expect More From Trafera
July 29, 2022 3 min read

Trafera is growing! As we officially welcome AXI Education Solutions to the fold, we celebrate our new capabilities to service K-12 better than ever! With the help of the Louisiana-based team from AXI—made up of former educators, passionate about enhancing classroom instruction—Trafera will be continuing its purpose of driving student achievement through technology. 

Who is AXI Education Solutions?

AXI Education Solutions has been an education-first company for over a decade, priding themselves in providing teachers the technological tools and training they need to enhance learning. Through on-site training of their products and professional development opportunities, AXI has built a reputation as a partner that goes the extra mile to ensure tech staff and teachers feel confident and supported in their classrooms.

Today, as they become officially and fully integrated into Trafera, they bring to the table a wealth of new expertise and offerings that Trafera customers nationwide can benefit from. 

IFP Expertise

By bringing in the team from AXI (Promethean Partner of the Year 2021), Trafera can now support interactive flat panels better than ever. That means thoughtful consultations to help schools find the right panels to match their education goals and budget, nationwide installation support, and face-to-face and virtual product training and professional development. Plus is now a Promethean Platinum Partner meaning better product availability, pricing, and support. 

Installation Services

Trafera is thrilled to be able to offer installation services nationwide for interactive flat panels, audio systems, and more! Customers can spare themselves the headache of coordinating IFP installation after they purchase new classroom displays. When they choose Trafera as an IFP partner, they are connected to in-house installation teams and a network of experienced third-party installers across the country, making buying and installing classroom tech a simpler and smoother process. 

More Teachers On Staff

No one knows teaching like, well… teachers! Trafera now has more educators on staff—including 5 Masters in Education—who can work with districts to determine powerful technology solutions and impactful professional development experiences that align with their unique educational goals. 

These individuals are passionate about helping other schools meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom and have the experience and tools to make any transitions smooth.  

Local Pick Up and Delivery

Trafera is setting up regional service hubs across the country (inlducing the legacy AXI facility in Madisonville, LA), making it possible to support districts in new ways. The team can now provide local delivery and pickup for fulfillment and repair orders in select markets across the country.

Expanded Product Offerings

Even more of the modern classroom can be supported by Trafera, as we expand our product offerings. This will encompass even more education technology will include accessories, STEAM gadgets, interactive displays, interactive gyms, and more.

Our Best Professional Development Yet

Coming on the tailwinds of AXI’s and Trafera is working to develop a robust online hub for professional development. The platform (COMING SOON) will provide product and pedagogical training for teachers to empower them to integrate technology meaningfully into the classroom. Through a single online hub, users will have easy access to live virtual and self-paced courses. 

And did you know?! Trafera is now officially Google Professional Development Certified! 

See how Trafera Professional Development transformed Picken’s County School District’s Gifted and Talented Program. 

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