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Why Do My Students Still Not Have Chromebooks?

“What’s going on with the Chromebook market? When will I get my devices?!” This year has been incredibly tough. Not just in ed-tech, but pretty much everywhere. A worldwide Chromebook shortage hasn’t helped, and for many technology educators it’s caused a wide range of emotions including anger, denial, frustration, sadness, resignation, and even “all of the above.”

Zoom Calls on Chromebooks Just Got A LOT Better!

Video chatting has become the new classroom for many schools across the country, bridging the distance between remote teachers and students. Synchronous learning via video chats is the closest thousands can get to in-person classes this fall. That means that having reliable ways to video chat is critical for successful distance learning. Even for schools using hybrid learning models this fall, connecting at-home students to in-person classes takes a dependable conferencing tool.

Good-bye Chromebook Inventory, Hello Chromebook Getter

Out with the old and in with the new for bulk Chromebook management tools! We’ve loved ChromebookInventory ever since we added Chromebooks to our lineup of K-12 tech. When it comes to bulk Chromebook management add-ons for Google Admin Console, this has been a long-time favorite of the FireFly tech team! ChromebookInventory lets you export organizational units (OUs) and metadata into a Google Sheet. There, you can easily manage and update systems …

I Spilled On My Lenovo Chromebook! What Do I Do?

The Answer… STAY CALM! Have you ever noticed a water drop symbol on the bottom of your Chromebook and wondered what it was? Turns out, it’s a simple solution to a very common problem: accidental spills. Instead of flooding and harming to internal components, with a spill drain, water can flow through the device and exit through the bottom without causing any damage.