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The Inevitable Digitalization of Education and What Educators Really Need

(Written by By Glenn Low | e27) The education industry has been through many changes and has experienced exponential growth in recent years due to the global pandemic. Despite the advancement in technology, many educators are not leveraging it due to a lack of technical knowledge and skepticism as they continue with their manual and tedious work processes.

Why flexibility is the secret to success in a hybrid world

Times change – and so do future-proof businesses. While change can be difficult, it’s clear that our former ways of working are unlikely to return, and clinging to these practices will see companies do so at the loss of productivity, employee morale and their overall business sustainability.

Leveraging Lenovo ThinkPads to elevate learning experiences

Most students and educators from both today and decades past have vivid memories of computer lab environments, which provided students with access to devices within a shared, central location. Since then, we have seen the computing dynamic in schools shift largely toward a 1-to-1 model in which every student and teacher has their own device to be used both in-school and on-the-go.

4 tips to aid in the back-to-school transition

The last couple schoolyears were unlike any we’d ever experienced before, with the shift toward remote and hybrid learning requiring students and teachers to adjust their daily routines and lean on technology more heavily to facilitate lesson plans.

5 Tips for Building Your Own Digital Curriculum

Technology has long been a great resource for helping teachers increase student engagement. In 2019, 89% of students said they used digital learning tools at school. Now, amid uncertain and ever-changing circumstances where remote and hybrid learning capabilities are essential, technology in the classroom has become even more essential.

When to Use Windows Laptops in the Classroom

Mobile computing devices are essential to the modern learning experience, especially in the current age of anytime-anywhere learning. Students need to be able to get online to access and share resources at a moment’s notice, whether they’re in the classroom or in the home.