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Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) FAQ

UPDATE: A third application window will open on April 28th, 2022. Have a question about using ECF for your next tech initiative? We’ve talked to ECF experts and done the digging for you into the Emergency Connectivity Fund. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get the answers you’re looking for fast. 

Combating Summer Slide with Trafera STEM Camps

Summer learning loss has become a major concern to educators when students walk out of the classroom on the last day of school. That is especially true in a year when teachers had to fight extra hard to make up for the lost learning time that occurred due to remote/distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, “how to keep children learning over the summer?” 

5 Tips for Using CARES Funds to Boost Tech Infrastructure

We teamed up with our friends at Securly to break down CARES Act funding and how to purchase smart in 2021. Together, we wanted to help you navigate these special funds–what are they, and how can I use them wisely–so you can enhance your school’s technology plan to keep education going strong through thick and thin.

Order Chromebooks Early (If You Can)

Beat the curve on school technology purchasing 2020 has been a year like no other. In March alone, we saw tens of thousands of Chromebooks rush-ordered by districts needing take-home devices for their students. Many schools had only a matter of days to shift entire districts to online learning, while at the same time, manufacturing disruptions in China resulted in significant availability issues. These snags in the supply chain caused …