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Discover the Power of Lü Interactive Playgrounds

Experience the future of education with Lü Interactive Playground, transforming classrooms into dynamic, multisensory learning environments. Merging technology, physical activity, and social-emotional learning, Lü reshapes how students engage with education, creating unforgettable, immersive experiences.

Students Take Learning Outdoors to Enhance a Local Park with STEAM Stops

All across the grounds of JB Red Owens Sports Complex in Easley, SC are seemingly common areas that are being transformed into immersive, outdoor, learning environments by a group of 3rd-5th grade students from Pickens County School’s Gifted and Talented Program.  They are called “STEAM Stops” and are set to open on May 18th, 2022 at 1 PM EDT followed by a ceremony celebrating students’ hard work.  According to former …

How Interactive Flat Panels Can Relieve Leading Pain Points for Educators

At its best, educational technology helps create a more simplified, effective, and engaging learning experience for students of all ages – an objective that has become even more imperative amid the increase in hybrid and distance learning over the past couple years. In working to maximize technology’s impact, interactive flat panels (IFPs) can serve as an invaluable piece of the puzzle for educators, serving to help create a rich atmosphere …

[CASE STUDY] Improving Accessibility and Direction in Computer Science

Third-grade students at Mylan Park Elementary explored and applied computer science basics while their teacher developed new skills for teaching with tech tools.  The Approach During their Innovation Lab time, 3rd-graders learned about computer science and debugging.  Their teacher, Jennifer Reaves, utilized lessons from TRAILS’ “All TRAILS Lead to Computer Science” Series.  Using mixed media, both digital and physical, students explored and practiced new computer science skills over the course …

Using Technology To Differentiate Instruction for Students

When classrooms go 1:1 (i.e. have access to technology devices for all students), the process to differentiate instruction becomes easier to implement. By identifying what the students each need, providing them with the content in the way they learn best, and also including options for alternative assessments, technology can help the educator easily adjust lessons and methodologies to ensure each student acquires the content knowledge being taught.

Kids, Coding, and Computer Science

FireFly Joins Earle Brown Elementary for a Day of Technology In December, educators around the world joined together for Computer Science Education Week. These seven days were aimed at inspiring students to take interest in coding and computer science.