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Classroom-tough, student-friendly

Thin and light, yet extra durable, 11e Series Windows laptops are reinforced to withstand the rigorous environments associated with schools. From book-bags to buses to desks, these devices are ready to foster a learning environment despite what your child puts them through.

5 of the best devices for STEAM learning in 2022

It’s not news to anyone in K-12 that STEAM is an incredibly rewarding but demanding approach to education. It teaches students that that the world is an intricate and beautiful combination of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and more. STEAM sets young learners up to be college- and career-ready in areas that combine subject matter expertise, and encourages them to problem-solve using a range of different skills. But with that …

Encourage Learning Without Limitation

The industry’s smallest workstation, at less than one-liter total volume, offers uncompromising performance in a form factor that is 96 percent smaller than a traditional desktop. Teachers can display it on their desk, mount it behind a monitor, or carry it with them between classrooms!

Students Take Learning Outdoors to Enhance a Local Park with STEAM Stops

All across the grounds of JB Red Owens Sports Complex in Easley, SC are seemingly common areas that are being transformed into immersive, outdoor, learning environments by a group of 3rd-5th grade students from Pickens County School’s Gifted and Talented Program.  They are called “STEAM Stops” and are set to open on May 18th, 2022 at 1 PM EDT followed by a ceremony celebrating students’ hard work.  According to former …

What Do We Mean by “High-Quality”​ Technology Integration?

By Josh Ratliff | Director of Education Initiatives, Trafera Flashback to 2006. I’m fresh out of college, in my first teaching position, and ready to turn the world upside down. Our school recently installed our first interactive whiteboards. I don’t mean the fancy touchscreen large-format displays we have today. These were the old plastic boards with a projector on a cart, and the kids would bump the cart every three …

4 steps to implementing an effective teacher tech training program

Technology has become essential to the modern learning experience, but empowering educators to use it effectively is just as critical – and the numbers prove it. A failure to help teachers understand and properly leverage technology is likely to render it largely ineffective. Educators who are not given the time and opportunity to learn how new tools and devices can be used to deepen learning and differentiate instruction are not …