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ActivInspire Crashes (Blue Screen ) after the Windows 10 Update 1903

(Users of the 100, 300 and 500 series of ActivBoards with the wide board frame)

Update Board to the Latest Promethean Firmware

The board looks like one of the pictures above, and were installed after June 2009. Please perform the following steps to update the firmware of your ActivBoard:

  1. If your ActivBoard has speakers, ensure that they have been turned off.
    1. The light on the side should be red, not green.
    2. With your computer mouse, open the ActivManager Control Panel from your system tray or taskbar. Highlight the ActivBoard and click Upgrade.
    3. Click Yes when prompted with the message ‘Do you want to change the firmware on the selected device?’.
    4. The upgrade process will begin and the progress bar will advance from 0% to 100%. The Promethean flame on your ActivBoard will flash magenta until the upgrade is complete. A confirmation dialog opens; click OK then Close.
    5. For users of 500 series ActivBoards, do not operate the ActivBoard with your finger until the Promethean flame stops flashing
  2. Once the upgrade is complete, the Promethean flame will flash green until you tap your ActivPen on the ActivBoard surface.

There are two important things to note with this change:

  1. The ability to launch calibration by hovering your ActivPen over the flame LED will be disabled.
  2. Pen interaction in extended desktop will only work if ActivManager is set to Tablet mode.
    1. Open ActivManager’s Control Panel and click on the Pens tab.
    2. Under Pen Mode, select Tablet.
    3. Click Close.
    4. Note: You may need to configure Windows 10 to allow the Stylus input to work on your ActivBoard as the second screen. To do this, go to the Windows Control Panel and open Tablet PC Settings, then click Setup and follow the instructions on the screen.

For full details regarding this firmware update, please read the support document released by Promethean here and read the post made by Promethean on their forums here. If you are unable to download the file automatically via the above process, you can download the file below. Make sure you download the correct file for the board you have. You can verify your specific model board by inputting the serial number into the form on Promethean’s website here:

Once you have downloaded the appropriate file, change the ‘Source’ from ‘Internet’ to ‘File’ from the process stated above.

Please reference the link provided below for firmware for the 78” 500 Series ActivBoard.

Please reference the link provided below for firmware for the 87” 500 Series ActivBoard.

Please reference the link provided below for firmware for the 95” 500 Series ActivBoard.

Please reference the link provided below for firmware for the 100 and 300 Series ActivBoards. This will apply to all sizes.