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cases, shells, & bags

Defend your device fleet against the wear and tear of everyday classroom life.

headsets & headsphones

Enhance the audio experience for students during digital activities, distance learning, and testing/ assessments.

keyboards & mice

Improve comfort, ergonomics, and productivity with accessories designed for K-12.

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eyesafe blue light filters

Block the blue and promote student eye health. Discover more about Eyesafe Blue Light Filters available at Trafera and help reduce blue light exposure for students.

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Protecting Students from Blue Light exposure

Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare visited Lake Worth Middle School in Florida to inform educators and students about the potential risks of blue light. Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare presented to a medical classroom where students have decided to focus on medicine and their aspirations of careers in the healthcare industry. In addition to UnitedHealthcare’s donation of $20,000, Eyesafe also supplied the school with 1,000 Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Filters to help protect students from blue light in the learning environment. For more information about this, please watch the video below.

cases, shells, & bags

Did you know that with consistent use of cases and shells, student devices are 50% less likely to require a repair each year. When used regularly, protective device gear can keep devices in the hands of students longer, and retain the value of your school’s fleet.

headsets & headphones

Did you know that students between the age of 5 and 14 are still developing cognitive auditory processing skills and, therefore, cannot decipher the full meaning of content if it’s not heard correctly? Headphones and headsets can play a major role in learning comprehension and retention.

keyboards & mice

Did you know that teachers and students can increase speed by 30% and precision by 50% when they use mice and keyboards? Mice and keyboards can also improve ergonomics and stamina while working on digital devices. This can be critically helpful during testing and assessments!